2011 Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg 2011- used car valuesVolkswagen Touareg 2011- used car values

Volkswagen Touareg Volkswagen is unveiling a completely rebuilt as a world premiere. This is the most innovative technical VW, because the brand already exists. Volkswagen Touareg is a reinterpretation of the interesting ideas versatile SUV contemporary way – thank you for all kinds of machines that nearly 20 percent more fuel and a variety of assistance and new security systems. VW Touareg, which will also be the first and only SUV in Europe by the German automaker is available in hybrid versions, too. This set the standard of roads fully capable SUV with gasoline engine with a fuel value of only 8.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. VW Touareg can drive hybrids up to 50 km / h in pure electric mode – emissions. Between diesel, Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI with a consumption of 7.4 liters of fuel now combine the best value seats in the SUV segment of the original. Both versions, hybrids and Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI, is the most fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel SUVs ever built in Europe on the type of vehicle.

New Era SUVs – lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel efficient

As success has been achieved in the world, smaller Tiguan, Volkswagen has consistently fought for continuity in the new Touareg as well. The first condition is met: this SUV ease by 208 kg in the basic version! A quantum leap. However, the body’s torsional rigidity has increased by five percent, making it the leader in its class competition. Thus fulfilled the second condition: Designers achieve improved Cd value significantly. Along with aerodynamic improvements, other factors at work here is that the VW Touareg is built below ground than the previous model. Along with the style of the new Volkswagen design based on the DNA, this results in the frontal area smaller. The third requirement: All motors, is now offered with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission – a first in this market segment – which showed significant gains in fuel economy than previous models, in some cases greater benefits to two liters per 100 kilometers.

SUV for all tracks – on all wheels in two versions

Also changed in the search for fuel consumption lower the norm in all wheels. In the basic version ( “4Motion”), all of the new generation VW Touareg has a differential wheel drive with Torsen limited slip (4Motion, climbing ability: 31 degrees). Like the Tiguan Track & Field, Volkswagen Touareg also has a program for off-road, which – at the push of a button – track ABS, EDS and ASR off road service, assistance enabled Hill to come down and adjust shift points automatically.

Instead of Torsen differential, the V6 TDI can be ordered with a choice of “technological packages” that have further transfer cases designed for rough off-road service. This includes a reduction gear and the center differential, each with up to 100 percent blockage (4XMOTION; climbing ability: 45 degrees). Similar to the first generation of the VW Touareg, this version also has a rotary switch drivers are now being used to adjust the condition of the car for a certain task at five levels: 1. “On-Road”, 2. “Off-Road” (as “off-road program” as well as automatic control of mechanical keys), 3. Low (as “Off-road, in addition to activation of tooth reduction, points the biggest change, does not automatically upshift in manual mode), 4. In addition to locking center differential, 5. In addition to locking rear differential. Equipped with a good, VW Touareg can conquer every field on Earth.

SUV for everyday driving – more space, more innovation

Volkswagen does not only create a new Volkswagen Touareg, lighter, more fuel efficient and agile performer, but also made more versatile, in a vehicle throughout the year. New interior becomes more functional, more comfortable and legroom in the rear seats bigger. Now the back seat is 160 mm longitudinal adjustment and backrest angle can be adjusted. Electric latch at the push of a button as an option, it folds in seconds and provide 1642 liters of cargo space. It was standard equipment on basic versions of the radio-CD, and information systems intuitively controlled in 6.5-inch touch screen.

The parking brake is activated with a button. Machine (V6 versions) are automatically shut off at stoplights and restarts as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal (stop-start system). Optionally, the rear hatch can open and close the RF remote control unit integrated into the car keys. Panorama sunroof largest SUV has all the light, even on cloudy days. Innovative “viewing area” using four cameras to detect about Volkswagen Touareg, and this increases the security. Also provides protection up to nine airbags. Lane Assist ensures that the vehicle does not deviate from the right path, meanwhile, Side Assist warns vehicle approaching from the rear when changing channels. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which consists Front brake assist can stop in an emergency and seat belt tension as a precaution. Bi-Xenon lights with dynamic light Assistance perceive and manage traffic light beam to eliminate unwanted reflections, and adaptive roll compensation to ensure that the Volkswagen Touareg is a solid on the road. For the first time, there will be a special feature on the new Touareg under the new “exclusive” badge from Volkswagen Individual. Options can be ordered include alloy wheels, 19 inches ( “Girona” type), include fine wood ( “Olive Ash”) and the interior leather ( “Nappa”) in two colorways “Black Burgundy Dark Titan” or “Pepper Beige / Titan Black.

VW Touareg – the best of both worlds

About 500,000 drivers choose to purchase the first generation of the SUV. This is a luxury SUV that offers a high level of comfort, sporty driving properties, avant-garde style, good quality and unlimited capacity issues – basically, the best cars and the roads of the world together into one concept. This was followed by a new Volkswagen Touareg – a high-end, versatile vehicles around the world together more seamlessly. Volkswagen Touareg is available in dealerships in April 2010.

Volkswagen Touareg 2011- price list detailVolkswagen Touareg 2011- price list detail

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