Renault Latitude 2011 Luxury Car

2011 Renault Latitude - specification2011 Renault Latitude - specification

Renault has the first glimpse of the latest familie sedan that enhance the international status, Renault Latitude. Besides the balanced proportions, generous dimensions, great boat and seemed to mirror the front-end power is reflected in the new series, this newcomer offers an elegant, vibrant styling. Platform based on recognized the power and efficiency, a new round of the Renault sedan brand of high-end range and will appeal to customers looking for status, quality and comfort in all its forms. Latitude international version of the Renault gets first aired publicly in Moscow Motor Show in late August 2010, while European motorists will be able to get their first view, close-up of the car at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

Besides the generous dimensions (length: 4.89m / Width: 1.83 m / height: 1.49m), Renault offers an elegant Latitude, looked excited. Contour grille, flanked by a typical bi-xenon adaptive headlights direction to an impression of dynamism and status, while the chrome ornaments bear clear by sending a whole line of cars. Its shape rear end of the trunk is adequate, effective and a new car can claim one of the biggest shoes in its class. Behind the signal using light LED technology and perfect harmony with the rear legs chrome strip that a new model: Renault brings Latitude. Using the same architecture with new SM5, recently launched in Korea market, Renault benefits from extensive technical expertise latitude Renault. Occupants benefit from the trip, comfortable silence, and especially the right chassis and a choice of power plants that are sure to offer advantages over its competitors. To improve the quality and reliability, Latitude Renault comes with a number of features developed and assembled using the highest standards of the Alliance and directly benefit from the excellent results Renault on both fronts. Complete equipment list, which will be revealed at a later date, emphasis on innovation and ease of travel, including dual-mode IONIZER air with fragrance diffuser two-, three-zone climate control, massaging driver seat, Bose premium audio system, hands-free Renault card, etc.

Tailored to different market requirements to meet specifications Latitude Renault will offer different customers pack the car really high-end position as the spearhead of the international reach of the Renault sedan. It will be shown at the upcoming Motor Show in Moscow, Russia, and will go on sale this fall in Asia, Africa, Russia, Turkey, Gulf States, Australia and Mexico.

Latitude Renault European version will be a major new attraction in 2010 Paris Motor Show, where visitors a chance to get to inspect the interior, while the full details on the list of equipment and machinery variety of models will also be released. The international media will be invited to test the Renault before the end of the road Latitude 2010, and sales began shortly thereafter.

2011 Renault Latitude - luxury car2011 Renault Latitude - luxury car

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