Prior Design Body Kit of BMW M3

BMW M3 Body Kit wheelsBMW M3 Body Kit wheels

Prior body kit for BMW M3 was presented by Prior Design with many exite. These are saome external components of bmw m3 body kit design. With the price of 2,999 € (excluding parts and manufacturer price ). The body kit of bmw m3 includes a spectacular bonnet vents, front and rear spoiler, roof spoiler, side skirts, and the parties see the fins.

Prior Design offers as an option, along with the kit, KW adjustable suspension of tension and pressure that will shine even more stunning exterior.

BMW M3 Body Kit frontBMW M3 Body Kit front

BMW M3 Body Kit lampsBMW M3 Body Kit lamps

BMW M3 Body Kit logoBMW M3 Body Kit logo

BMW M3 Body Kit specsBMW M3 Body Kit specs

BMW M3 Body Kit tail ampsBMW M3 Body Kit tail amps

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