Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC

Hyundai Exhibition at SEMA 2011

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Hyundai. The 2011 SEMA Show Hyundai will be used by the company for unveiling some car variant in personalized models such as two Velosters customized by ARK Performance and PM Lifestyle as well as the Genesis Coupe based Hurricane SC. Hyundai Veloster is a modification presented by PM Lifestyle, a special company in digital media distribution in automotive manufacturing, in collaboration with the ...
New Sedan Sport, Alfa Romeo 4C - preview

New Sedan Sport, Alfa Romeo 4C

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Tuning. The 4C sporty sedan is a new car concept from Alfa Romeo which is intended as lightweight 2-seater coupe which is completed with mid-attached engine plus rear-wheel drive. The Alfa Romeo 4C is expected going to market in 2012. The 4C sporty sedan was ever presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The car that has 4 m of long is targeted to be produced in   15,000-20,000 along five years.  The ...
Pontiac Solstice II

Futuristic Vehicle Design, Pontiac Solstice II

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Tuning. This futuristic car concept is called as the Pontiac Solstice II. This futuristic car design is resulted from design research that try to explore any possibilities of next generation solstice which couple the sculpted exterior car design and the proportion of this car model. The amazing design of this Pontiac Solstice II is created by Macedonian based designer namely Dejan Hristov. The exterior ...
All Terrain Vehicle Concept, TrakRok

Futuristic All Terrain Vehicle Concept, TrakRok

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Tuning. This vehicle variant is called as TrakRok. This unusual vehicle design is developed from the design research in any kinds of terrain trike vehicle. This vehicle is completed with two wheels on the front side and at the rear side is completed with the track system. This TrakRok vehicle concept is a work of an industrial designer namely Alexei Mikhailov. This terrain vehicle model has the design ...
Unimog Truck Variant - Debut

Futuristic Unimog Truck Variant from MBS

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Mercedes-Benz. The official pictures and reviews below tell the amazing performance and design of the Mercedes-Benz called Unimog. This special truck design is presented in futuristic design and aimed to welcome the 60th anniversary for Unimog truck variant. This futuristic Unimog truck concept is developed by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS). The design of this new truck variant follows the concept of U 5000 ...
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