Nissan Rogue 2010 SUV US City Car

2010 Nissan Rogue wings2010 Nissan Rogue wings

Nissanovtsy updated its compact crossover Rogue, marketed in the U.S. market.

Nissan Rogue, which has already managed to win the hearts of Americans for 4 years of release, received a standard set of new things: new bumpers and grille, as well as new variants of rims. We added the Japanese and chrome – grille is now fully chromed, plus appeared moldings on the sides.

Inside the update affected the instrument cluster, center console and other upholstered chairs. On-board computer now received all configuration crossover, and multimedia system boasts a 4.3-inch color display. As an option, can be ordered and 5-inch touch screen to install the latest navigation system, Nissan Navigation System.

Engine with new items, only one – 2,5-liter four-cylinder power to 170 hp and a maximum torque of 237 Nm. The drive as standard front, for more expensive versions – full. Transmission – CVT firm Nissan Xtronic CVT.

2010 Nissan Rogue front design2010 Nissan Rogue front design

2010 Nissan Rogue logodesign2010 Nissan Rogue logodesign

2010 Nissan Rogue speed test2010 Nissan Rogue speed test

2010 Nissan Rogue steering2010 Nissan Rogue steering

2010 Nissan Rogue trunk2010 Nissan Rogue trunk

2010 Nissan Rogue wheels design2010 Nissan Rogue wheels design