New Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-Concept

New Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-ConceptNew Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-Concept

Suzuki has presented a new vehicle design which is intended as urban transportation media which was premiered at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The sleek and compact vehicle from Suzuki is called as Q-Concept, a compact urban car design with 1 + 1 seating layout. As the smart solution for urban mobility, Suzuki Q-Concept only has 2.5 m of length. The interior design features 1 + 1 tandem layout that can accommodate 2 passengers, but the rear sear can be replaced with 2 minimalist children seat or can be eliminated for getting luggage space.

The exterior design of Q-concept blend a high-tech sense with a friendly appearance created from strong circular graphic elements and clean accent. Some of the special design elements are the circular doors that can be opened by swiveling around the front-located pivot point. The rear side window has contour accent influenced by a thick frame that forms a panel which slightly slide up and rearward for facilitating access to the rear seat.

New Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-Concept-sketchNew Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-Concept-sketch

Urban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-ConceptUrban Compact Vehicle, Suzuki Q-Concept

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