Lada Granta Sedan Variant Detail

Lada Granta Sedan Variant DetailLada Granta Sedan Variant Detail

In Togliatti this sedan variant called Lada Granta was unveiled, this new low-cost car Lada Granta was designed in fresh appearance. The design of the exterior Granta is presented by graduate MAMI Ivan Lepeshkin. One of his tasks was to look more “expensive” and solid. The exterior is characterized by painted bumpers, alloy wheels, and moldings on the doors. The new interior design of this sedan version Lada Granta is an elegance work of Valentina Novikova. The interior is presented in improved ergonomics features by decreasing the number of parts (from 59 to 39) in the cabin.

The interior is completed with seats with thinner backs for improving legroom for the passenger. This new sedan version is powered by gasoline engine of 1.6 liters which is available in three choices: 80 hp, 90 hp and 98 hp. The 90 hp engine features reduced noise, vibration, and increased resource. Take a look at the images below. [source:]

Lada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-logoLada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-logo

Lada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-rear lightLada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-rear light

Lada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-storageLada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-storage

Lada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-surfaceLada Granta Sedan Variant Detail-surface

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