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LA Auto Design Challenge – Nissan iV

Nissan iV – perhaps the most serious bid for victory in LA Design Challenge: Project implemented by a team of 13 people headed by Alfonso Albeysoy (head of Nissan Design America), and about all his fancy, well-designed.

Body Nissan iV will be grown on beds – an idea similar to the offer designers Mercedes-Benz, but more elaborate. Body panels will create the fastest growing of GMO ivy, “spud” nanorobots. Twisted and hardened saliva spider plant is a natural composite material, ultra-light and very durable.

Cap Cab nissanovtsy want to make out again super lightweight material (99% lighter than glass), while possessing the properties of solar batteries. Flat bio-batteries will provide Nissan iV reserve of 1200 miles (1930 km), and the technology of supercapacitors will recover 60% of the consumed energy.

Nissan’s patented concentric wheel without the hub, not only do their direct role – roll, but also include elements of the steering and suspension. In the node based on the principle of magnetic levitation.

Security System Safety Shield, which came up for Nissan iV, uses the principles of fish behavior in a flock, so that developers are hoping to completely avoid accidents and reduce the weight of the machine, since the passive elements were not needed.

Team Roster razrbotchikov Nissan iV: Alfonso Albaisa, Yoshihisa Akiyama, John Cupit, Robert Bauer, Randy Rodriguez, Ryan Campbell, Ken Lee, Hirohisa Ono, Hiren Patel, Steve Moneypenny, James Cronin, Matt Wilson, Ann Ngo.