KTM X-Bow Power Upgrade Endorsed With VW Group

X-Bow Power Upgrade - SpecsX-Bow Power Upgrade - Specs

KTM X-BOW owners want to take the extraordinary performance of “Ready to Race” sports car to a higher level can now benefit from a significant power upgrade.

Developed by the experts at ABT Sportsline Tuning Engine, increasing already strong renewal of the X-Bow to an impressive peak power of 300bhp (240bhp on the standard tone) and increased to 400 Nm of torque great (from 310Nm), lifting heavy vehicle power to 380 hp per tons. Basically, ABT offers update this increased flexibility while maintaining the engine, which provides peak power of easily accessible and spin torque in a relatively wide range.

Combined with low weight vehicles and develop the Dallara chassis, increasing the power of X-BOW will start off at 62 km / h in just 3.5 seconds – 3.9 seconds compared with the 240bhp car.

Updates – which is the only solution recommended adjustments by KTM – sold as a package of aftersales and can be stored in all models of X-BOW. It costs a full £ 5,300 (including VAT) and comes with a warranty of two years – evidence of the development of comprehensive testing to meet the demanding needs of KTM.

“X-Bow race car inspired chassis and sophisticated aerodynamic package which is always given the owner the ability to go head to head with some of the world’s most exotic mechanisms,” said Jeff Lau, KTM X-BOW England manager. “This will be improved to ensure that the owners of X-BOW for a more extreme experience, you can do with conviction, based on the quality assurance techniques and finishing skills to recognize the beautiful X-BOW.

Current owners are interested in completing their X-BOW recommend increasing the power plant should contact the nearest service partner, where parts can be installed by a specialist engineer ABT. Based in Kempten, Germany, ABT Sportsline is known to perform engine optimization work from the Volkswagen Group.

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