Futuristic Off-road Vehicle, Volkswagen Aqua

Volkswagen AquaVolkswagen Aqua

Here is futuristic vehicle concept which is developed by Volkswagen manufacturer. This futuristic transportation is called Volkswagen Aqua. This kind vehicle is an all-terrain hovercraft (ACV – Air Cushion Vehicle). This hydrogen powered vehicle features impellers propellers. Designed by Chinese based design student named Yuhan Zhang, this futuristic terrain vehicle is listed on the CDN Car Design Awards China. This terrain vehicle is addressed as off-road vehicle which is aimed for Chinese market. The hovercraft concept is selected due to its ability to offers balance traveling on the land, ice and water that suitable for Chinese landform. Volkswagen Aqua is designed with a powertrain that has some engines. The main engine is situated beneath the chassis.

The designer said, “Aqua interprets the philosophy of Volkswagen Design with a total absence of cut lines.” This off-road vehicle also has doors which is placed at the rear of the vehicle. The conventional visual impression is given by additional propellers on the rear side.

Volkswagen Aqua-land vehicleVolkswagen Aqua-land vehicle

Volkswagen Aqua-previewVolkswagen Aqua-preview

Volkswagen Aqua-rearVolkswagen Aqua-rear

Volkswagen Aqua-sketchVolkswagen Aqua-sketch

Volkswagen Aqua-water vahicleVolkswagen Aqua-water vahicle

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