Detroit Auto Show – 2011 : GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

GMC Sierra 2011 Concept FrontGMC Sierra 2011 Concept Front

In early January, will premiere predseriynogo pickup GMC Sierra All Terrain HD – this car class heavy-duty got even more off-road ability compared to the previous model.

Looks powerful concept: it’s easy to find on huge wheels (35-inch BFGoodrich tires and 20-inch wheels), a high landing, muscular arches and massive chrome grille, which fades into the bumper, which, in order to increase the angle of entry, virtually no bulges. Side cargo compartment, as well as on other similar pickups, have separate tanks for storage. LEDs are commonly used – in optics, both the front and rear, in turn signals, as well as illumination of footsteps and sex.

Sierra All Terrain HD concept became more current-generation pickup truck – track is now equal to 1853 mm (front track Sierra HD, which is released today – 1 748 mm, rear – 1709 mm) clearance increased by 76 mm.

Under the hood of the concept is 6.6-liter eight-cylinder turbodiesel Duramax coupled with six-speed automatic Allison transmission 1000. The power of this engine is 397 horsepower, maximum torque of 1037 Nm. The production version GMC Sierra All Terrain HD followed immediately during 2011.

GMC Sierra 2011 Concept TruckGMC Sierra 2011 Concept Truck

GMC Sierra 2011 Concept TrunkGMC Sierra 2011 Concept Trunk

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