Design Character of Saab 91

Design Character of Saab 91Design Character of Saab 91

Saan 91 car concept is developed based on design study of the B-segment variant. This Saab 91 model blends a development that takes inspiration from the Open Source mobement and trademark styling. This new car design is finished in a dimension 1,700 mm wide, 1,420mm tall and 3,870 mm long. The design language of Saab 91 car version takes inspiration from the Aero X and BioHybrid car design. As the Fabio Ferrante described, the Saab 91 project is designed with pure front end design that symbolizes aggresivity with no avoiding thr design cues of the Saab. Fabio Ferrante is one of the designer in this Saab 91 development.

The main design character that is found on the exterior design of this car is that the headlight and the grille are united in one elements, where the buttom air intakes make a contarst to these design elements. The side preview of Saab 91 is characterized by muscular wheelarches and shoulder plus sclupted panels. The inspiration of BioHybrid car concept is shown by the DLO (Day Light Opening) feature. Below are the Saab 91’s images which is presented by Fabio Ferrante.

Design Character of Saab 91-exteriorDesign Character of Saab 91-exterior

Design Character of Saab 91-front endDesign Character of Saab 91-front end

Design Character of Saab 91-previewDesign Character of Saab 91-preview

Design Character of Saab 91-side previewDesign Character of Saab 91-side preview

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