DAMD Mitsubishi ASX First Preparations for Small SUV

DAMD Mitsubishi ASX wheelsDAMD Mitsubishi ASX wheels

The coach has made the Japanese DMCA requires, as indicated in the headline, one of the first preparations (only the first) that has been done on the small crossover-SUV from Mitsubishi, which appeared in our country recently. In this case it is added only visual, ie: is a cosmetic kit, although not overlook the idea of, in the near term, also provide a mechanical improvement.

As far as the kit itself is concerned, we find a redesigned front apron, a new grille, spoiler and side skirts. Furthermore, it has integrated diffuser at the bottom, with leaks, and has added a rear roof spoiler, quite striking, which also incorporates the third brake light. Complete the whole seven-spoke wheels, beautifully crafted (although personally I do not think that fit well with the rest of the kit) on Bridgestone tires playz. Finally, to say that this kit is also available with a painting of the vehicle in matt black.

DAMD Mitsubishi ASX side designDAMD Mitsubishi ASX side design

DAMD Mitsubishi ASX specsDAMD Mitsubishi ASX specs

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