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Chevrolet Sonic, Hatchback and Sedan Variants

The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic is a new variant from General Motor which was unveiled at Detroit Motor Show which was held in 2011. This subcompact vehicle was designed in two variants; the sedan and the hatchback. These subcompact vehicles will be constructed in US by some manufacturers. The design of this Chevrolet Sonic version has distinctive style, new appearance of its exterior and vivid color shade on the exterior of the hatchback variant.

The hatchback variant of Chevrolet Sonic was designed with sleek and stylish exterior with orange color shade. The interior design of the Hatchback variant offers any range of high technology features. While the sedan version was presented in black color palette on the exterior, four doors and stylish back light. The details of these two Chevrolet Variants are showcased by the pictures below.