Maserati GT Garbin, Future Car Concept for 2020

The Maserati GT Garbin is a design research of a Gran Turismo model which is aimed as futuristic car concept in 2020. All the authors of this futuristic car design study have graduated from Politecnico di Milano in recently, they are Chetan Rajput from India, Andrea Coccia from Italy, and Jaime Cervantes from Mexico. They begin develop this Maserati GT ... Read More »

The Special Car Concept, Spadaconcept Codatronca Monza

Several images shown below tell the design and performance of Spadaconcept Codatronca Monza car concept. This is an open variant of Codatronca TS which is conceived by two designers Paolo Spada and Ercole. This awesome car design made it debut on Top Marques Monaco. Spadaconcept Codatronca Monza is accentuated by rear “coda tronca”. The performance and shape of rear side ... Read More »

Future Electric Sedan Variant, Luxgen Neora

Here is new car variant called as Luxgen Neora. This new sedan variant was showcased at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. This futuristic car model will become an electric sedan concept from Taiwan manufacturer. The exterior design adopts the last update trend, where the exterior is characterized by sculpted volume which creates sharp line. The flowing character combined well with bold ... Read More »

Elegance Design of Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque looks elegance indeed with chic exterior design. This car product comes up in two variants; 3 doors and 5 doors variants. The Evoque was unveiled at 2011 Geneva motor show, and at that events, this elegance car won the award of the Best Production Car category. The images below show the design of this Range Rover Evoque. ... Read More »

Proton EMAS with Plug–in Hybrid Drive System

The detail of this car body is quite elegance and aerodynamic. This car product is entitled Proton EMAS. This compact hybrid car was conceived by Italdesign Giugiaro. A car company from Malaysia presented this Proton EMAS at 2010 Geneva Motor Show. This hybrid car features a plug – in hybrid drive which was presented by Lotus Engineering, this advanced driving ... Read More »