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Luxurious Car Design, Pininfarina Coupe

The Pininfarina Coupe looks quite elegance and luxury in sleek exterior design which is totally painted in black. This luxurious coupe variant is developed from a study of sleek and luxurious car concept which takes inspiration from Italian sport car design like Fiat coupe that was conceived by designer Peter ... Read More »

Dacia Duster, Innovative Terrain Car Design

Dacia Duster was revealed at the first time at the December 2009. This terrain car variant is aimed for offering a robust car design, comfortable and affordable 4×4 transmissions. The car is intended for attracting European consumer. This global terrain vehicle was developed in France and Romania at the Renault ... Read More »

Mostro di Potenza SF22 Inspired by Lamborghini Indomable

Mostro di Potenza SF22 is a supercar design which is inspired from Lamborghini Indomable concept where this Lamborghini variant is designed by Alberto Fernandez Albilares (Spain) together with Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa (Mexico). This supercar Mostro di Potenza SF22 was announced to be produced in limited edition by North American company ... Read More »

Icona fuselage Car Design

Design studio named Icona Shanghai was founded in early 2010 by European designers, which drew a large market in China and Asia. The company is based in Shanghai, but the it grow from Turin: it built a career virtually all of its key personnel, and engineering support to ensure the ... Read More »