Bold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe

Bold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-sketchBold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-sketch

Lexus LF-A Concept was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show which was held in 2005. This sporty front-engine two-seater coupe symbolizes new design character. This sporty Lexus LF-A Concept is equipped with V10 engine that produces above 500 horsepower with less than 5 liters of fuel. The top speed of this coupe variant can raise 200 miles per hour. The interior design of this Lexus coupe is completed with high technology instruments, the seats design is covered in white color makes the interior looks clean indeed. Here is a report from the official press release:

The two-seat concept blends the performance of an exotic sports car with the luxury refinements of a Lexus.

It is powered by a V10 engine capable of developing more than 500 horsepower from a displacement of less than five liters. The extimated top speed is about 200 miles per hour.

Designed to express a bold new direction in styling for the Lexus brand, the LF-A concept is a vision closely aligned with the company’s Formula One commitment.

“The Lexus LF-A is like no sports car we have ever builtóor even imagined,” said Jim Press, Toyota Motor Sales executive vice president and COO.

“Currently only a concept, it is a realistic vision of how we might address the boundaries that define the exotic sports car landscape.”

“The LF-A is theoretically developed to run a parallel course to our company’s efforts in Formula One racing,” added Press. “It would probably feature a powertrain and drivetrain configuration strongly influenced by whatever is being used in competition at the time.”

Inside, the LF-A is designed as a luxury high-speed capsule that blends extravagant comfort with precision operation. Although it is about five inches shorter in length than the Porsche 911 Turbo, its wheelbase is nine inches longer.

At 48 inches, it is nearly identical in height to the Ferrari F430. And with a width of 73.2 inches, it splits the difference between the Mercedes Benz SL55 and the Aston Martin DB9.

While the LF-A makes a major statement in how Lexus would define exotic sports car performance, it was conceived to express the emergence of a new direction in styling for the Lexus brand, globally.

“Over the last two years, a new styling philosophy that we call L-Finesse, has taken shape at Lexus Design,” said Wahei Hirai, Toyota Motor Corporation’s global managing officer of design.

“What has emerged from this two-year journey is not just a new direction in philosophy. It is a new design language, based on the dynamism and inherent contrast between simplicity and elegance.”

Simplicity, in form and function, reflects styling that is uncluttered and void of extraneous elements. Elegance, inside and out, avoids exaggeration by prioritizing understated luxury that is intriguing, subtle and seamlessóand slightly surprising. The key to the formula is how the visual contrast between simplicity and elegance creates a look that is dynamic, forceful and vigorous.

The LF-A is a fundamental shift in both style and design for Lexus. The positioning and sizing of major components have been redefined and condensed. By taking an entirely different approach to proportion and packaging, designers have achieved the ultimate weight balance, so vital to high-speed handling and stability. As a total package, the Lexus LF-A concept is a bold statement and a clear indication of the path that Lexus’ global design will follow in the near future.

Bold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-front endBold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-front end

Bold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-interiorBold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-interior

Bold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-rear endBold Design Line of Lexus LF-A Coupe-rear end

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