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2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible in Detroit

BMW 6-series is entirely renewed from model year 2011, with new designs and techniques taken from both 5 – and 7-series. And like so far offered six that coupe and convertible on the same platform.

The new generation has a bit more wheelbase and short overhangs, and is slightly wider than the old. At the Paris Salon recently, we see the coupe called the concept, but looked very finished out. Now notice, however, “sources familiar with” the series ready car first will appear as convertible at the NAIAS in Detroit in January. Sales will then start to summer.

Previously it has been said that the coupe-6-ball would appear in final form only at the Frankfurt motor show in autumn 2011, but the question is whether or not it is almost as complete as cabber, and if so, should bring series car debut in Geneva instead. No entirely credible information that there are at this moment.

It is clear however that the 6 Series Convertible range retains the classic soft top, and that the solution of the vertical and lowered the rear window between the characteristic “earflaps” left over from the current generation.

The engines are six and V8 from both 5 – and 7-series, with 306 and 407 horsepower, two-standard related to BMW’s Ã¥ttastegade automatic transmission. Start / Stop is also standard.

We can also expect the new 6-ball (in both coupe and convertible version) gets most of the advanced equipment was launched with the latest 7-series and then were also transferred to new 5-series. This means, among other camera that reads road signs (including “speed limit ends”), fescue warning with steering wheel vibrations, blind spot monitoring, vindrutedisplay and spacers with automatic emergency brake.

Recent spy photos from the Nurburgring shows that new 6-series also comes in a muscular version of trim forge M GmbH, and in both coupe that cabber. The engine which is expected to be the 4.4-liter V8 with twin turbo which now sits in the M-branded models, X5 and X6. The effect should be between 570 and 580 horsepower. It is likely that the test car’s 20-inch wheels come with the finished M6-ball – which should be in showrooms sometime in autumn 2011.