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2011 Audi A8

Audi has launched the next generation Audi A8 – in the luxury sport sedan class brand new standard. Direct style of an elegant body with Audi Space Frame (ASF) is a strong aluminum engine and very efficient, and transmission of energy and dynamic performance combined with comfort. New ship designed generously luxurious interior captivates with equipment, recently developed MMI control system and an excellent quality of its workforce. Innovative care system lend further confidence to drive.


Audi design is always interesting to intelligence complex. The new outer shell to channel Audi A8 homogeneity, as if the model of the entire volume. A coupé-like roof line allows the flow of surface sculpture silhouette contrasts convey calm and prestige, with the lines clean. New A8 highlights the leading position held by the Audi in the field of automotive design. Representing a pioneer in technological innovations, the Audi A8 shows that this role through the new and progressive design elements.

5137 mm (16.85 feet) long, with up to 2992 mm (9.82 m) wheelbase 1949 mm (6.39 meters) wide and 1460 mm (4.79 meters) high – Deluxe sedans are generously proportioned. Audi A8 significantly exceed the length and width of the two predecessor and its competitors. Peak, however, remained lower than the nearest competitor in Germany – the proportion of line dynamics.

Audi A8 shows the radiator grille is unique as a symbol of pride. Framed by a chrome border, the grill features a new design – carved, three-dimensional and rich in detail. With the top corner angle, it is integrated into the front, while prominent, horizontal chrome keys to highlight the extent of the vehicle.

Audi A8 see the world through a new design headlights – xenon units with more innovative and full of LED lights, audio technology was first introduced around the world in the Audi R8 high-performance sports car. A system of adaptive xenon headlights improve more units – a control module that rotates on an axis always provide the perfect lighting for the intersection, city, rural roads and highways. New all-time light lamps integrated into the fog lights to change. Its traditional location in the air intake is now occupied by a radar sensor to control optional Cruise Stop & Go function.

Audi A technological advancement is a network control unit with the optional MMI navigation lights plus. Navigation system analyzes the road ahead and send the data to the computer to activate the street lamps, with a wide range, while still on the road from the highway, for example. Before entering the intersection, the system activates the light curve, which offers a lighting angle is bigger and therefore improved safety.

High-tech: a complete LED light

The high-end solutions on a ship full of new A8 LED lights. They provide a clear large sedan, even in the daytime and even more so after the fall of darkness. Revolutionary optical means moving away from large, light pipe module that is used today.

Low beam consists of ten individual modules in the bow under the wing-shaped chrome surrounds known as “wings”. Directly below is another arc of 22 white and 22 yellow LEDs for lights and daytime running lights turn. Their technology makes them look thicker outer wall of a homogeneous, continuous band of light.

Located on the wing is the high light, the light produced by two powerful four LED chip and reflector surface free system. An aide to switch between high and low beams, and additional high-power LED produces light and light curve. A fan and heat sink moderate temperature separately from the system.

LED lights offer many functional benefits in everyday situations. With a color temperature of 5500 degrees Kelvin, the light is similar to daylight and therefore much less tiring for the eyes. They also offer greater efficiency. Low beam, for example, consumes only 40 watts per unit, slightly less than xenon and highly efficient, more light.

Side view of the new Audi A8, also provides a description of the concentration of power and push forward. Usually for the Audi line, lines representing two-thirds of vehicles from a height, and the rest of the third fall of greenhouse gases. From one line of the grid features Audi Tornado running as a circle of light, just below the window. Line continues on the wheel arches near the Audi A8 what looked strong on the road.

Area under the line interpret the Tornado game of light and shadow, convex and concave nature, and a statement of commitment and enduring elegance. Further down, the region is part of the dynamic growth of the line above the side skirt walking. Big wheel – 17-21 inches in diameter – to fill the wide wheel arches draw.

On the edge of the rear separation gives the impression subtlety, which further strengthen the amazing sculpted surfaces. A chrome strip highlights the extent of the salon, which ended with a diffuser.

Tail lamps also produce three-dimensional appearance and extraordinary good – and typically Audi. They also use LED technology, with 72 light emitting diodes each. Chip-on-board LEDs, which can be tightly packed with high precision, is used in many areas because of the limited amount of space available.

Rear lamp, which consumes only 9 watts per unit, trapezoid-shaped form that appears as a band, even homogeneous. Upper end of the light guide – plastic tube, the bottom is the reflection, free-form textured surfaces. This is thicker than the upper segments of the visual lower center of gravity from the rear of the Audi A8. Horizontal turn signals. Fifth segment of brake lights in the trapezoid.


Big, strong, safe and yet very lightweight – aluminum body, once again set a new standard. Low weight is a key factor for driving dynamics extraordinary, exemplary efficiency and good comfort for the new A8. Audi, lightweight design pioneer in the automotive industry, once again showed his leadership role.

Fifteen years ago, the brand with the four Audi rings display technology Space Frame (ASF) in the production – with the first generation Audi A8. ASF has shown tremendous benefits, and now Audi is using it again in a much more advanced. Within the framework of the basic body design of ASF lattice brings to mind. The structure consists of the pressure molding aluminum extrusion and pressure. Aluminum panels – such as roof panels and side panels – joined by a friction connection.

Depending on your tasks, ASF completely different body components in the form and broad cross-section. For example, the A-nodes of the pillars of the new Audi A8 – one of 25 castings in the body – the interconnection of longitudinal members, sills, omega-member cross, cross windshield, roof frame and suspension strut assembly. Lateral roof frame on the other hand, consists of an extruded section, with the accession to the changes in the flexible part of the A-pillars C.

Audi has significantly increased the power of the strongest components in the body of the new Audi A8, which significantly reduces the level of material thickness and weight.

The key to this novel is an aluminum composite material panels. Use this new high strength aluminum alloy is only allowed to save weight 6.5 kg (14.33 pounds).

High rigidity, low vibration

In addition to low weight, body Audi A8 ASF has many strengths. Static torsional rigidity has increased by 25 percent compared to its predecessor, has been a leader in the field, but it is the basis for proper handling and dynamic. In terms of quality of light – the relationship between weight, torsional rigidity and size – the body to achieve an improvement of 20 percent. The principle of ASF ensures comfortable low vibration level and quiet impressive board sentiment typical Audi.

New A8 glide quietly, elegantly and silently in the wind. 4.2 FSI has a drag coefficient of just 0.26, with a frontal area measuring 2.41 m2 (25.94 sq ft). Coefficient of low elevation in front and rear axles, to ensure stability at high speed belief. Luxury sedan is also carried another class in the comfort of wind noise.

Audi refers to the development of new vehicles as an integral mission. Global energy balance to cover the entire life reveals the new Audi A8 vehicles achieve better results than its predecessor in all major environmental criteria, including CO2 emissions. A very important factor is the use phase, in which the new efficient machine given a positive role. Aluminum is also higher than that of steel as a material body with respect to CO2 because of the nature of good recycling.


Interior new Audi A8 is a sensory room for health. With elegant style and quality of labor in the craftsmen, the interior is rooted in the philosophy of the brand with the four rings. The court is much broader, airy and spacious than its predecessor. The most striking element is the “wrap-around” – a bend in the waist line as in the elegant cruise ships. The curve of the integrated instrument panel trim and low. His face was clean and orderly of soft waves.

Philosophy is clear and intuitive operation of the Audi brand to reach new heights in the Audi A8. Large round instruments clearly described. The driver information system (DIS), which functions as a complete information and control center, has a new design. The main screen has increased by 7-inch diagonal, which displays all the functions in accordance with the concepts easy to understand. It is operated in the same wheels enhance the multifunctional.

Center of the tunnel: perfect control console

Tunnel center in the new Audi A8 is a broad and equitable italics. As the ideal ergonomic control console, which contains an automatic air-conditioning control panel and the MMI control terminal and a multimedia system, now in the new version. This is clearly arranged touch and feel the provision of three zones, one reserved for the audio. This operation is completely free from stress: the driver’s wrist to the selector lever 8-tiptronic, asymmetry in the middle of the tunnel, leaving his hand on the ease of play and the play switches.

Standby, the monitor of the MMI system hidden in the dashboard. Power, moving upward in an elegant curve, good performances to start the system. Large monitor with 8-inch diagonal is very flat. Exhibition area is divided into three areas of information, whereas the control system follows the logic of the menu further improve and intuitive. All topics are presented in an elegant, three-dimensional graphics.

Audi A8 also increase the height of the new bar in the quality of labor, another major domain Audi. The combination of high quality materials and their application in the sensual experience. Large and the control buttons are available optionally with aluminum surfaces, and click the easy and precise as a clock. Many switch from glossy black sheen, and all parts used are the subject of a new type of upper layer makes them highly resistant to scratches.

Large decorative Inlays consist of two parts – a very elegant solution. Standard substance comes in black polished, senior walnut brown, while the entire highlighted by a thin piece of chrome. Finely polished aluminum and wood, is optionally available for Audi. All the components without compromising the function of proper workmanship and a minimum gap.

Audi offers five basic colors for the interior, and three colors for the roof lining. The selection range to coat the skin, which is especially soft and breathing. Individualist fans can also choose between two teams of Audi design in a special color that integrates many features of luxury equipment. Audi also offers several packages of leather, Alcantara and expanded aluminum package look inside.

Very emotional orchestration of light

At night, another high-end features come into play – the new ambient light. White LEDs add subtle highlights in. Ambient lighting package is a general emotional orchestration, provide effective lighting and make the center console seem to float. LED Many here are of two colors or three colors – ivory color scheme, poles and Ruby can be selected in the MMI. In other words, the same LED can switch between two and three colors.

Sophisticated solutions that many of the new Audi A8, including start-stop button, which allows the driver to start the engine, leave the keys in his pocket.

Automatic climate control regulate the indoor climate in two areas, and, optionally, four. Three styles are available climate – mild, medium and strong – it also changed the air flow rate. For winter, the fourth option has a footwell heated more intensively.

Standard front seats have 12-way power adjustment. Seats offer even more luxurious comfort with 22-way adjustment, including the merger of the chair. Audi also offers a choice of seats with sporty appearance and stitched up a diamond pattern. Three stages of ventilation provided, plus heating. Another bonus is a luxury massage tires, where the air spaces, double-click on the back – the driver and front passenger can be arranged in five programs, with the intensity he graduated in three stages.

As a luxury touring sedan of the Audi A8 also treated the passengers back to the classroom level. On request, Audi even offers a back seat to the electric chair outside versatile customized, built-in memory on the board in accordance with the front passenger seat from the rear. Seat heaters, electric windows and four automatic air in the region, along with a separate round the back of the control panel outside the package. Ventilation and massage functions are also available.

New A8 offers a 510-liter trunk of a large, very large pieces. Four golf bags can be installed horizontally, the smallest objects are stored in the compartment. After unlocking the door automatically changed. Standards (in USA) includes a network boot, two bag hooks, an umbrella holder and 12 V. Through the ability to load ski bag and power tailgate is also available.


Superior power and high efficiency – the new Audi A8, makes its debut on the market with a powerful V8 engine. With 372 horsepower, never fails to impress with a higher strength and strong encouragement, but secretly. All the machines direct fuel injection and consume 15 percent less fuel than its predecessor.

Machines in intelligent features of the A8 have the efficiency of modular systems on board the Audi. During deceleration system recovery to change the kinetic energy into electrical energy stored in the battery. In the heat treatment innovations for the computer monitor actuator ideal distribution of heat flow between the engine, transmission and interior in every situation. After the cold while the engine is completely disconnected from the cooling circuit, shortening the heating stage, with great loss of friction.

The 273 kW 4.2 FSI call (372 hp) power of 4163 cm3 displacement, producing a maximum 445 Nm (328.22 lb-ft) of torque at 3500 rpm. Audi A8 accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, with a booster once (as with all engine variants) with a speed electronically controlled from 250 km / h (155.34 mph).

The most important reason for the increase is the reduction of internal friction, especially in the chain drive for camshafts and help. Controlled oil pump switch between the two stages of pressure with high efficiency operation. Like all Audi petrol engine, V8 has FSI direct fuel injection. Enabling high 12,5:1 compression, increased power and efficiency.


New Audi A8 also offer full benefits in power transmission. New 8-speed electronic control systems and tiptronic quattro permanent four-wheel production line. Upon request, the Audi sport differential is also installed dynamically.

8-speed tiptronic automatic transmission is the development of entirely new. Great strength lies in the high transmission rate among the lowest overall 7.0:1 and the longest relationship of motion, reduces fuel consumption of about six per cent. Started off, the Audi A8 dynamic acceleration, rolling along the road with a low consumption slowed. All changes gear almost imperceptibly soft and smooth, very fast and very flexible.

8-speed tiptronic achieve high efficiency levels. One factor behind this is a high efficiency pump for supplying oil, other oil heating by cooling after the cold start to reduce friction losses.

Dynamic shift program (DSP) which controls the automatic transmission characteristic modes D and S. Audi’s pioneering innovation is the creation of a data network with a location plan provided by the optional MMI navigation system plus. Through this data DSP features in the upcoming curve shift strategy – teeth that do not need to avoid changes in the narrow country roads, for example.

Selector lever just in the middle of the tunnel is to select the driving mode – the form of a cruise lever, is assistance in the elegant interior saloon. Ergonomic handle repairs communication with the electronic transmission. Change gear activated by a brief touch of the lever, then automatically return to the central position. You can also change gear with the rocker switches on the steering wheel.

The position of the new installation Tiptronic gearbox is a special design – like many models from Audi: the front differential is a torque converter. Front axle and move forward – the benefits include a long wheelbase, short front overhang and perfectly balanced weight distribution.

The permanent quattro all-wheel drive system also contribute to the leading position in the new A8. The main differential mechanism to manage a normal car: 60 percent on the rear axle differential and 40 percent to the front – a sporty characteristics. Should slippage occur at the wheels, the differential sends most of torque to the axle with better traction.

Customers with particularly sporty driving style can decide on the optional sport differential with continuously variable power distribution between the rear wheels. With differences drive Audi A8 sport on the track as saying.

The driver of the differences associated with Audi’s sports drive select vehicle dynamics system. The driver can switch between the three features of the system – auto, comfort and dynamics – at any time.


The new Audi A8 is the sportiest saloon in the luxury class. Its chassis combines no-compromise precision dynamically, superior stability and comfort is very good. Audi drive select is standard, with the dynamic steering option. Large sedan with impressive agility agile. Audi A8 directed to the corners of spontaneous and voluntary, driving through them, almost neutral and found a strong grip on the road on the list thanks to quattro permanent four-wheel drive.

The subframe for the engine and front axle form the backbone of the front suspension. Front axle is built from five control arms per wheel, with aluminum forgings provided under the unsprung weight and ultra-precise wheel guidance.

All variants of the Audi A8 roll with the speed dependent Servotronic standards. Teeth under the steering wheel and both in the lead in the sub-frame, the drive wheel to be fed directly to the wheels through a roll bar, with a very spontaneous response. With a gear ratio of 16.1 is sporty and direct: 1 transmits an address that is clear and accurate feedback from the road in any situation. His palette is controlled, the type of pump operating with high efficiency.

Design of the rear axle track-controlled trapezoidal link principle, which combines a compact design with superior quality and comfort. Four steel tubes form the substructure of the high rigidity of the shaft. The two trapezoidal links hollow casting, wheel carriers, not directly cross-link and stabilizer bars of aluminum. Audi engineers have been thoroughly revised suspension. The stanchions are supported directly by the carrier wheels, so that the dampers respond with greater sensitivity.

Audi drive select provides a variety of exciting driving experience in the new A8 – very comfortable, soft curves and draw roller sports. This integrates the adaptive air suspension, engine, 8-speed Tiptronic and servotronic. With MMI driver can change the characteristics of this system between comfort, automatic and dynamic modes. In addition, the driver can make a fourth mode of operation in accordance with his personal ideals – the “individual” mode.

Always the right track: adaptive air suspension

Adaptive air suspension, air suspension combined with damping control. The new props are made, the air expanded capacity now allows subtle features, even without the additional battery. Bellows air sensitivity and additional springs to respond even to a slight decrease in the surface of the road. The damper operates with very flexible – the control unit continually analyzes the conditions and change the operating mode milliseconds.

Adaptive air suspension is a versatile technology. Depending on the speed and manner determined by the Audi Drive Select, lower your body up to 25 mm, to increase stability and reduce drag and increase fuel consumption. A mode is also available – a “lift” mode slightly increases body.

Audi drive select also has other components in the shop – different sports and dynamic steering, which varies the steering ratio by almost 100 percent. Low-speed vehicles – during the maneuver, for example – the system of government that works very direct energy assistance is also high. As speed increases, the power of openness and support continues back – on the streets in the Audi A8 is slipped onto the pavement with a quiet calm.

The dynamic steering system cooperates closely with ESP stabilization. If necessary, a little countersteers limits in handling in curves – virtually unknown to the driver, reducing understeer and oversteer in most situations.

The new Audi A8 has a strong brake system on the ship, which is consistent to the maximum heat dissipation and low weight. All four discs are internally ventilated, in the face, stainless steel bolts that connect the friction of the brake ring of aluminum cap. This concept in the field of sports cars, new luxury class, saving up to 3.75 kg (8.27 kg) weight per wheel. ESP stabilization system can be disconnected and offers sports mode.

Wheel range underlines the strong character of the Audi A8. Varying sizes 17-21 inches. Ban has been optimized in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and rolling resistance.


The new A8 is one of the safest cars on the market. Which protects the occupants with a body high stability, adaptive control system and the new Audi felt before. This is available in standard and extended versions of the three levels.

In the standard variants – Audi Pre basic understanding – analyzing information from the sensor system ESP. When a brake application the maximum signal or skid, it intervenes Control Unit. Depending on the situation, activate the emergency lights and close the side windows and sunroof, but also tensions the front seatbelts. Electric motor start this process, which is reversible – if the situation ended well, the rope is released again.

Rate of expansion of this system is called Audi taste versus pre, pre, genuine Audi Audi and back felt before. They are integrated into the treatment system optional Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function and Audi side assist.

In the interaction with the ACC Stop & Go, Audi understanding pre monitor traffic in front of the new Audi A8, and support the driver in several stages. The first is a warning sign, and the second is a fool’s warning slowdown soon. If the driver now press the pedal, brake assist start braking system must respect the previous vehicle.

Even an avoidance maneuver – are often the best solution – it is still possible. If the driver remains inactive, the following third phase – autonomous partial braking to slow the Audi A8, the rate of 3 m/s2. Windows and the roof closed, the emergency lights activated and tighten our belts.

If the full version of Audi’s more reasonable before the board, the fourth stage comes into play: the brakes with the deceleration from the beginning followed by 5 m/s2 maximum braking. This phase began about half a second before the collision. Although shocked and can not be avoided in this case, the consequences are much better, with the impact of the Audi A8 has reduced the speed of 40 km / h (24.85 mph).

Rasa pre Audi rear system mitigates the consequences of the conflict behind. Here, too, which closed the windows and sunroof and seat belt tension. If the Audi A8 has an optional front seats with memory on board, which moves in a position to protect the passengers as well.

Protection provided a very good body ASF high stability in any type of accident. In the adaptive control system in case. Especially with people who are smaller and lighter that significantly reduce the severity of injury intelligently manage the interaction between the front air bags and limit the belt tension. For the lateral impact of the A8 have side airbags in the backrests of the front seat and rear seats out. The two head airbags extend from the A pillar to C-pillar.