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Maybach Coupe Tuning by Xenatec

The Maybach Coupe Xenatec, based on the Maybach 57 S is a very exclusive development (only 100 units will be sold at a price of 675,000 €), designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, which takes elements extracted from the stunning Maybach Exelero concept. The amendments include numerous reports from both outside and ... Read More »

Audi Quattro Concept at Paris Auto Show

So far, it is very informal and our source prefers to remain anonymous. However, Audi has decided to build the concept car series “quattro concept” that is currently facing the audience at the Paris Salon. The interest from enthusiasts and bilsamlare said to be so large that the planned series ... Read More »

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept by Sasha Selipanov

Creating this beautiful Ferrari 612 GTO, made by German Sasha Selipanov, mixing the design of Ferrari California-style headlamps, a huge wheel dimensions (with unasllantasque help much to get a nice visual set) and a band whose back black, eminently racing, I feel great. But it is so far in that: ... Read More »

Hyundai i20 Sport in Brabus Tuning

Hyundai i20 Sport Edition are currently on display at the Paris Motor Show. It is characterized by the special 17-inch Brabusfälgar, bolder front and spectacular orange leather interior. Behind the sharpening of the normally very nice small car i20 stands Car Research and Development, the German company that is best ... Read More »