2010 Opel Corsa Color Race

Opel Corsa Color Race - used car valeusOpel Corsa Color Race - used car valeus

Opel Corsa color has been released today and will be sold soon. Opel Corsa special color edition of the race because of three engine options: 1.4 HP gasoline or 87 or 100 hp 1.7 CDTI diesel or 130 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Opel Corsa colored leather is also equipped with a chassis and management improvements, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions repaired.

Visually, the color of Race Opel Corsa with a black hood, sides and back of the truck with Appliques of confession boxes flag, black roof and black 17-inch. The race also colored Opel Corsa is available with a panoramic sunroof, leather steering wheel and some other interior accents.

Pricing starts Opel Corsa Color race € 15,560. Follow the jump to watch the rally Opel Corsa video color.

Opel Press Release:

Remember the glory days racy-looking, cars, muscle affordable for young drivers? Opel did not forget them and spice up the new Corsa Career color edition that presents the reasons for winning paintings, along with the traditional motorsport color Sunny Melon yellow – and with a black Casablanca and Magma Red. Color Corsa race immediately available in Germany from € 15,560.

To maintain good performance as the exterior, features color Corsa race chassis and significant improvements in the Corsa range starts with the model year to 10.5 and that increase comfort, handling and managing and maintaining Corsa driving fun.

Color Corsa race can be supported by a number of new machines that are both powerful and fuel efficient – like the new 1.4 petrol engine with 64 kW87 CV (only 5.3 km for larger version l/100 range, 5.5 l / 100 km when equipped with the gearbox short distance) or 74kW100 CV (which requires only 5.5 l/100 km). KW/130 powerful 96 hp 1.7 combines CDTI torque 300 Nm with fuel consumption of 4.5 liter/100 km. But, back to work the machine – the latest example of Opel’s commitment to focus on solutions compatible with the environment – to provide more torque, while welcoming the 13 per cent lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Racial color line in accordance with the 3-door model well, with the athletic and attractive outline, design coupéish. Comes standard with a black hood and tailgate side and a source of equipment with the checkered flag, black ceiling that was painted black and 17 inches. This accent racing, along with exterior varnish yellow, white or red turn each model in a winning combination. Especially in yellow, bi-color look reminiscent of legendary sports models such as the Opel Kadett B Rally Sprint in the 70s.

Interior color race highlights specific characteristics of color matching, such as special seats and stitches bezels ventilation, a panoramic roof and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

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