2010 Nissan Cube

2010 Nissan Cube - Specification2010 Nissan Cube - Specification

2010 Nissan Cube held the European unveiling of the all-new Nissan Cube at its London, England, based European design headquarters. 2010 Nissan Cube will go on sale in the primary markets of Western Europe in late 2009. Already an icon in its home market of Japan, the new Cube has been developed as a global model and from early next year 2010 Nissan Cube will also go on sale in North America.

2010 Nissan Cube Characterised by its rounded-off squared dimensions. 2010 Nissan Cube is easy to see how Nissan Cube got its name. Boasting bags of character, 2010 Nissan Cube also sports an asymmetric rear design, with a wrap-around window at the rear on the passenger side, and a pillar on the driver’s side, giving a distinctive, striking design signature which is carried over from the previous generation of Nissan Cube.

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